Is there jewellery for sale in store?


Yes, we make to order and there is a large selection of stunning pieces which you can try on and buy in store.


Do I need to make an appointment?

If you would like to look at the jewellery for sale or have pieces that need repairing, then an appointment is not required.  To have a piece designed especially for you or a loved one, then ideally an appointment can be made but not necessary. Sometimes an appointment grows from the browsing process.


Will I be satisfied with the piece of jewellery item that you have made for me?

We only ever begin to work on your jewellery piece until we are satisfied that you are happy with the design, that we have communicated all aspects of the process with the making of your precious piece. Until we know that you are confident and happy for us to go ahead with the piece, then we proceed to go ahead with it being completed in a suitable timeframe.


Can you quote over the phone?

Ideally, we need to see you in person as our goal is to specialise and making the perfect piece for you.  We aim at understanding what your needs are and believe face to face contact is a better experience.  However, if it is impossible for you to come in, then we can, and will assist you with other forms of communication.


Can I use some of my own jewellery, such as stones, gold etc to make my personal piece?

Using your own sentimental materials is definitely welcomed and credit is also a possibility.